Stand out from the Crowd

Stand out from the Crowd

Stand out from the CrowdStand out from the CrowdStand out from the Crowd

Done For You Marketing System that Actually Works


Now you can take advantage of the exact system that we used to go from 20 real estate transactions a year to 50 within a short period.

Are you tired of spending countless hours collecting mailing lists and customizing postcards to capture leads, but not getting the results you expected? 

Giving away too much information on your marketing materials, so there's no reason for your prospects to call you back? 

Spending thousands $$$$ on leads, but not seeing a substantial increase in sales?

As real estate agents with over a decade of experience in gathering leads and closing sales, we have been through similar struggles. 

We have spent more time and money than we'd like to admit buying leads that never went anywhere. Did we have any success at all from them? Yes, sure, those leads led to some sales. But if we calculate the amount of time we spent in total and the return we got from those leads, we were barely making minimum wage.

After years of trial and error, we were forced to figure out the exact marketing system that converted leads, and we drastically increased the number of houses we were able to sell in a year. The leads were still the same, but we figured out how to turn those crappy leads into gold!

 And now, for the first time, we're sharing our exact system with a limited number of real estate agents. When you join us, you'll get the following: 



  • An all-in-one marketing that is proven to convert leads into sales.

  • Have your Facebook marketing, display ads, emails, mailers, and CRM all work with each other in sync. For example, when your prospect reads an email from you that speaks directly to them and mentions their neighborhood, and they later see your Facebook ad that mentions the same things, you’ll begin to establish yourself as an expert on their locality.

  • A system that allows you to leverage your reputation and your network of lenders, inspectors, painters, etc., for massive savings on your ad spend. We will show you how to get your marketing for FREE. Yes, that's right, with our system, you’ll be able to get all your leads for FREE!


Lessons we learned


You see, we had been one of the largest buyers from one of the Godzillas of ads. It wasn't uncommon for us to spend over $10K in a month for leads. 

But upon taking a closer look, one day we realized that 40 % of the leads were either duplicates, or the addresses were no longer valid, but they were being billed as unique leads. To make things worse, we weren’t able to get any refunds.

And then there's Facebook and online display ads! If you've worked with some of the big vendors, you're probably getting charged by impressions. The problem is that large portions of those impressions are from people that have absolutely no interest in buying a house.

Oh, but you still need to pay for them anyway. What you want are leads that convert to customers, not worthless impressions. And if you do pay, you need to be able to convert them to customers down the road.

So how is it that you can, in fact, triple your sales?

The key is personalization.

Buyers today get inundated with ads all the time, whether they are reading an article, browsing social media, watching TV, or even checking their mail. The only way to catch their attention is if they see something that triggers them, with something relevant that they recognize. 

It has to feel like it was created for them by someone who knows them. 

If it's a mailer, it should have their name in bold, and maybe even have a photo of their specific home. If it's an online ad, it must refer to their neighborhood or town and show some knowledge of their particular locality.

If you take advantage of our proven system, all the material your target market sees will be personalized, and it will build you up as an authority in their minds when it comes to all things real estate.

Customized Marketing System That Generates Sales

Content Marketing


Instead of selling hard to people who have no interest in buying, you establish yourself as an authority among critical audiences by providing them with high-quality, relevant content that brings them value. This has been the single biggest difference maker in our lead generation strategy. 

Qualified leads in your area will naturally come to you when they need advice on real estate, or better yet when they're ready to make a transaction.

You'll be able to leverage our content strategy and deliver content that is useful to your local audience.


Using direct mail to drive traffic to content

Think direct mail is dead? Think again.


It's easy to think that physical mail is the "dinosaur" in the age of Facebook, Email, Instagram, and Twitter. However, various consumer surveys tell a different story. 

“Seventy two percent of households either read or scan advertising mail received.” Household Diary Study 2018

54 percent of consumers said they were open to receiving mail from brands they trusted (which you can build using our tailored content strategy).

70 percent of Americans trust ads that are mailed to them more than the ones they see on the internet.

And here is the whopper - more than 80 percent of mailers get opened. Email, on the other hand, has an open rate of 25 percent. And that's if you're doing everything correctly.

As you can imagine, direct mail also enjoys a higher response rate, almost 4 times more than that of social media, and nearly 20 times that of display ads.

Now, that's not to say you should abandon emails, social media, and display ads. In fact, those are all valuable tools in your marketing arsenal. 

However, what you need to do is have all your marketing efforts work in sync with each other across all channels to explode your conversions and sales. And that's precisely what we're able to do with the ecosystem we're offering. 

Send your prospects direct mail and guide them back to your content that provides them value, and they’ll subscribe to your email list.

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 Stop buying leads, and to start generating business.


Facebook and Display Ads

Additional Information


Instead of charging you for useless impressions that don't result in anything, our comprehensive system will target only those people that have an interest in what you specifically have to offer.

Maybe they are looking to buy a home in your area. Or they need to sell and need an agent that can get them the most for their home. Or maybe they need someone to do an inspection on a home in your area, and they need access to your trusted network of service providers.

We capture the lead, and instead of just sending them to your website (which may not be optimized for ad traffic), we will nurture the relationship by providing them valuable content on your behalf, and by continuing to build you up as an authority in your area, for the time when they are ready for a transaction.

we will provide them offer or information on your behalf, so we can keep in touch and build a relationship for the time when they are ready

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 The good news is that all of this will be pretty much done for you. We have already gone through years of trial and error to learn what works and what doesn’t. Our results speak for themselves. 


Targeted Emails

Leverage Your Network and get FREE marketing

Leverage Your Network and get FREE marketing



  • Emails are another spoke in the marketing wheel that can bring you dividends, assuming you use it effectively. 

  • Merely writing a bunch of emails on the topic of real estate isn't going to get you the kind of response that results in more transactions. You need to write on issues that are tailored to your specific locality and audience.

  • Remember, people only care about themselves. So, they only care about how much you know about real estate as it relates to how it can solve their problems, answer their questions, and help them get a good deal.

  • Our system will create emails for you that help you build a list of active and engaged subscribers. People that will benefit from the content you’re creating, ones that will come to know you as the authority. So, when it's time that they, or someone they know, need real estate related services, you can bet that your phone will be the first to ring. 

Leverage Your Network and get FREE marketing

Leverage Your Network and get FREE marketing

Leverage Your Network and get FREE marketing



As an agent you know people

People you’ve worked with in the past

Electricians, plumbers, lenders, inspectors, painters, you name it

Guess what - they need leads too, and it's likely the same people they need to target - people with homes or ones looking to buy homes

So why not team up as a network and leverage your ad spend.

It’s a win win

They get qualified leads

And you get FREE marketing!

This is the opportunity for you to become the mega agent for your locality, your network of service providers like lenders, inspectors, plumbers, electricians, and also your friends and family. 

The national ad behemoths don’t have specialized knowledge about your area like you do. So, instead of wasting a fortune buying leads and impressions from them that don’t work anyway, it’s a no-brainer for people in your network to join you in the customized ecosystem.

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The good news is that all of this will be pretty much done for you. We have already gone through years of trial and error to learn what works and what doesn’t. Our results speak for themselves. The only bad news is that we can only accept a limited number of agents into the ecosystem at a time. Since we will create a customized marketing system and materials just for you, we can only work with a set number of gents at a time. So, act today if you don't want to miss out on the opportunity to become the mega-agent in your area and for your network. So, how do you know if the marketing ecosystem is right for you? If you're a real estate agent with a network of service providers like plumbers, electricians, appraisers, and more, and you're sick of wasting money on leads that don't convert, and you're looking for rapid growth, you'll fit right in. APPLY TODAY to stop buying leads, and to start generating business.